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    How to turn your dental office into a marketing machine

    Supercharge your dental office's marketing efforts.

    Marketing is always changing, and dental practices are always looking for new patients. Now is the best time to regroup and upgrade your marketing plans and efforts. But how do you turn your office into a dental marketing machine?

    There are many things you can do. First, you need to understand what works. For example, did you know that around 79 percent of people who are looking for a new dentist will book their appointments over the phone? That means that if your staff has poor phone skills, you may lose out on a lot of business. There is no point to increase your marketing efforts if your practice isn’t equipped to properly handle phone calls.

    Second, you need to thoroughly measure your marketing efforts. You should always test to see what works best for you and your practice. Then you can put your money wherever it brings you the most clients. You should also ask yourself what message you’re trying to send to your audience. You need to do everything you can to make your practice stand out. Are you trying to be the most affordable or the most comfortable practice? You should convey that through your marketing messages.

    You also need to stay visible by having proper signage. This is a no-brainer and can be costly to your practice. Make sure you have clean and easy to read signage and marketing materials, especially if your practice is hard to find.

    Finally, you should download our e-book, “The definitive guide to marketing your dental offices," to receive dozens of proven tips and strategies.

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