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    How to simplify patient communication

    How one dental office is using Solutionreach to improve patient communication as well as practice efficiencies.


    How does Solutionreach benefit the patient? 

    Our patients love having different options to communicate with us because they all have busy lives. Most don’t have time to call the office, or they can’t be on the telephone at work. They like to email us or text us directly to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 

    There’s also an online scheduling feature that lets patients pick a day and time for their appointment without going back and forth with us. With this feature, they can view past or future appointments or pay bills online. 

    A few patients have mentioned they really like the text reminders. They don’t realize it’s automated, so they feel like we’re personally reaching out to remind them of their appointment. They like the personal touch. 

    We can customize reminders to go out as often as patients would like to be reminded. They’ll get one reminder at least two days before the appointment, so they’ll have time to call and make a change or reply to the message directly to reschedule if they need to, allowing us to fix the schedule. We have found that patients show up more often when they get more constant reminders through their communication method of choice. 

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    How does Solutionreach help improve patient education? 

    We love to make sure our patients are educated about everything going on in their mouths so that they can make better, more informed decisions concerning their dental health. Through Solutionreach, we can send newsletters to specific patients based on what’s in their treatment plan and educate them more on why it’s a good idea to get the recommended procedure done, or just broaden their dental knowledge overall. Most patients don’t know too much about how the mouth affects the rest of the body, and providing information through a newsletter helps with that. 

    Why would you encourage other offices to invest in Solutionreach as well? 

    It will help them improve communication with their patients and provide patient education in different ways. It also boosts productivity and office efficiencies. 

    Also, the customer service with Solutionreach has been on point. Everyone we’ve communicated with has been very thorough, knowledgeable, kind and willing to help. Solutionreach provides community blogs, webinars and educational sites, so there are places we can go to ask questions and get answers. The learning tools and discussion boards have been really helpful.


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