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    How to simplify patient communication

    How one dental office is using Solutionreach to improve patient communication as well as practice efficiencies.

    The team at Northside Dental in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is always looking for ways to improve communication with their patients — which is why they decided to invest in Solutionreach

    Solutionreach helps them better educate their patients about the importance of maintaining their oral health and enables them to deliver the highest level of patient care, Service Coordinator Aurora Linehan says. Through automated appointment reminders, patient education tools and a variety of other features, the software streamlines patient communication and makes the office more efficient. Linehan describes it as like having another front office person who is there to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks. 

    We recently spoke with Linehan about the many benefits Solutionreach offers both the practice and the practice’s patients. 

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    What Solutionreach features do you like best? 

    We use just about all the features in the software, but I do have my favorites. For instance, we have a large Spanish-speaking population, and Solutionreach allows us to customize the reminders to be in Spanish. We also enjoy Conversations, which is a feature that lets us text any number and lets any number text our office phone number. We can communicate with patients about appointment times, health history and any questions we have for them or any questions they have for us. All the information shared is protected, giving us another way to communicate with patients while staying HIPAA compliant. 

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    How has Solutionreach benefited your practice? 

    Solutionreach has benefited us in many ways. It has made our office more efficient and helps us focus more on what’s going on in the office instead of calling to remind patients of appointments. Solutionreach emails, calls or texts every patient automatically to remind them of an appointment, and it automatically sends continuing care reminders to patients who are past due. This allows us to focus more on treatment and the patients who are here in the office, rather than making phone calls. 

    How much time does Solutionreach save you each day? 

    Considering I have to call from multiple lists, it saves me quite a bit of time. I’d say two to three hours a day at least. I’m able to use that time to do other tasks, such as charting, preparing for future appointments and making other phone calls. 


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