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    How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments

    A look at how using Deep Purple™ diamond instruments can simplify the process.

    Functional and esthetic requirements in conjunction with material strength dictate the amount of tooth reduction required for a specific case.

    Recently, dentistry has seen a shift from gold-based metallic restorations to milled materials (e.g., e.max® lithium disilicate [Ivoclar Vivadent] and zirconia) due to lower production costs. Because both lithium disilicate and zirconia can be Crown prepFig. 1conventionally cemented or bonded to tooth structure (zirconia requiring a metallic primer for maximum bond strength), the reduction requirements may vary depending on the choice of cement.

    For conventional cementation, high-strength ceramics generally require the same amount of tooth reduction as traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Generally, 1.5 to 2.0 mm of space is recommended for occlusal and incisal clearance so these crown materials can perform well in high-stress functional areas without the risk of fracture. Furthermore, rapid, efficient tooth reduction minimizes biologic trauma to the tooth and dental pulp during the preparation process. 

    Deep Purple™ diamonds (Komet USA LLC) have been specifically designed for ultra-fast, effective removal of tooth structure, offering measurably greater tooth reduction without sacrificing operator control (Figs. 1-3). This is achieved by using a new diamond-grit size of 230 micrometers (versus the average 181-micrometer particle size of standard super-coarse diamonds), uniformly sized at an optimal depth to produce an efficient cut without instrument clogging.

    Completed crown preparationFig. 2Full coverage crown preparationFig. 3






    Following gross reduction with Deep Purple diamonds, a fine-grit finishing diamond instrument is recommended for finishing and smoothing the preparation for a more intimate fit of the restorative material. Note: Identically matched Komet® 8856 finishers correspond in size and configuration with Deep Purple diamonds. 

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