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    How to perform mechanical root-canal preparation with the F6 SkyTaper™ Endo Files

    The F6 SkyTaper™ system features a full range of highly flexible NiTi files, giving practitioners access to the right file for any clinical situation.

    Komet USA’s comprehensive line of endodontic instruments and accessories ensures successful treatment for all types of root-canal cases. The line includes instruments specially engineered for every step of the procedure, from straight-line access and proper cleaning, shaping and preparation to obturation and final finishing. Each instrument complements its counterparts, working to simplify endodontic procedures and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

    Komet F6 SkyTaper endo filesMasterfully engineered for efficient cleaning of canals with a single file, the F6 SkyTaper™ system features a full range of highly flexible NiTi files. The comprehensive system offers the right file for any clinical situation and all root-canal anatomies. An innovative file design pairs a double-S cross-section with a consistent .06-taper for superior, expedient cutting, and the instrument’s ultra-thin core provides exceptional flexibility. The files’ unique construction facilitates thorough irrigation and cleaning throughout treatment and optimally preserves the course of the canal. Effectively streamlining endodontic procedures, the easy-to-use system can be employed with any obturation method.

    The single-use, sterile-packed F6 SkyTaper™ files are offered in three lengths and five sizes to meet the demands of specific clinical situations. They can be used in any torque-limited endo contra angle or motor.

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