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    How KaVo handpieces allow this clinician to enjoy dentistry more

    Dr. Mark Hyman shares his story of how investing in handpieces helps him optimize comfort and efficiency in his practice.

    When Dr. Mark Hyman started using the KaVo MASTERmatic handpiece and short motor combination, he expected to enjoy all the innovative features of the equipment. What he didn’t expect was to enjoy dentistry more.

    Handpiece“There were so many different things that made it great — the smoothness of the cut and the preparation, as well as the predictability of the preparation. You also had a better experience with the patients because they weren’t jarred by an irregular cut. As a practitioner, you also had less hand fatigue,” Dr. Hyman explained. “So all that had a tremendous impact on enjoying what you’re doing and enjoying dentistry a whole lot more.”

    Dr. Hyman started using electronic handpieces 10 years ago, and he described the difference to his practice as “stunning.” In a recent treatment, he needed to use an old handpiece to adjust something for a patient in one of his hygiene rooms and struggled with the cut and even the feel of the handpiece.

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    “I remember thinking, ‘How did I use this for so many years?’ So I have to admit, I’ve become spoiled,” he said.

    Optimizing comfort and efficiency for your practice

    The KaVo electric high speed handpieces were designed to maximize ergonomics and productivity for the clinician. Featuring KaVo’s unique Plasmatec coating and Triple Gear system, dentists enjoy all the power of other electric handpieces but with a quiet and low vibration function. Dr. Hyman appreciates these benefits, as well as KaVo’s commitment to innovation.

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