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    How to finish and polish a common composite restoration

    Used together, Komet Q-Finishers® and CompoBrite™ polishers quickly and effectively finish and polish composite restorations, saving time and multiple instrument changes while imparting a brilliant high shine to composite surfaces.


    10. Once the proper bite relation has been established for both intercuspal position (ICP or centric) and eccentric occlusion, use the H48LQ.FG.012 to shape detailed anatomy.

    11. For a natural-looking and -feeling polish, the two-step CompoBrite system is used.

    12. The pink polisher is followed by the yellow polisher to achieve a superior esthetic result.

    13. The final restoration demonstrates ideal form and a natural finish.

    Today’s dentistry offers a wide variety of techniques and products to meet the needs of every dental-care provider and patient. Good dentistry relies on numerous factors, among which are operator comfort with a particular system or technique, instrument reliability, patient comfort and satisfaction and predictable outcomes. As we continually work toward becoming experts in efficiency and quality to best serve and care for our patients, instrument systems such as the Q-Finishers and CompoBrite polishers are invaluable additions to the practice of good dentistry.

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    Watch a video of the technique below:

    Technique: How to create optimal root-canal access using Komet specialty instruments


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