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    How to finish and polish a common composite restoration

    Used together, Komet Q-Finishers® and CompoBrite™ polishers quickly and effectively finish and polish composite restorations, saving time and multiple instrument changes while imparting a brilliant high shine to composite surfaces.



    1. Place a rubber dam to provide proper isolation and to facilitate a clean working field.

    2. Use a 5835.FG.012 followed by 845KR.FG.012. Note: The cleaner the lines, the easier it is to reach the esthetic and functional goal. 

    3. If the cavity preparation requires it, use a matrix system to prevent open margins and achieve tight contacts. Matrix options range from a traditional Tofflemire to newer sectional systems, such as Palodent® Plus (DENTSPLY). Note: Use of an appropriate matrix is helpful in preventing open margins and achieving tight proximal contacts.

    4. Once the matrices are in place, use a chlorhexidine scrub to disinfect the surface prior to bonding.

    5. Place etchant followed by bonding resin.

    Technique: How to shape and clean root canals with Komet® endodontic instruments

    6. Place a layer of flowable composite, such as Tetric EvoFlow® (Ivoclar), and follow with a layer of condensable composite, such as Tetric EvoCeram® (Ivoclar). Note: Layering flowable composite facilitates full coverage for both single- and multi-surface fillings. In addition, the conservative use of materials paired with a respect for natural tooth contours enhances the efficiency of finishing and polishing procedures.

    7. Use hand instruments to sculpt the composite to the proper tooth anatomy.

    8. Using the Q-Finisher® kit from Komet USA, begin the finishing procedure to establish proper tooth anatomy. Make the initial reduction before removing the rubber dam.

    9. Remove the rubber dam, use articulating paper to highlight occlusal contacts, and perform occlusal reduction with the football-shaped H379Q.FG.018 bur.

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