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    How COMPONEER provides a cosmetic element to the everyday dentist’s practice

    One dentist explains the benefits of using COMPONEER by Coltene.

    Coltene’s COMPONEER® is a new class of veneers. They are pre-fabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel-shells combining the advantages of direct composite restorations with those of lab-made veneers. They are extremely thin (up to 0.3 mm), which allows natural tooth structure to be conserved during preparation.

    We talked to Dr. Lundon Albrecht, DDS, a general dentist in Mentor, Ohio, about how he uses COMPONEER and for which patients it is best suited.

    How is COMPONEER different from other veneers?

    COMPONEER differs from traditional porcelain veneers in many ways.

    First, less time. They only require one visit and can be shaped and seated by the dentist in roughly 30 minutes per tooth (which also means, no temporaries.)

    Second, less cost. Porcelain veneers can be $1,000 or more per tooth, while COMPONEER ranges from $350-$450 a tooth. Plus, there is no lab fee.

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    Third, more forgiving. The best difference between the two is that COMPONEER is easy to repair and adjust. If a patient chips or breaks a COMPONEER, it can easily be repaired with a simple composite filling.

    Tell us about COMPONEER’s esthetics.

    COMPONEER provides realistic esthetics because they are customized in the patient’s mouth. I’ve used them with success next to crowns, veneers and bonding. The prefabricated 0.3 mm thin shells come in two colors: “universal” and “white opalescent.” Universal provides a more natural appearance with the desired composite color, while the white opalescent provides a brighter white appearance.

    What are the benefits for the clinician?

    The benefits for the clinician are countless. The hardest part with bonding is shaping and polishing the composite to avoid staining. All of that is already completed with COMPONEER. The thin, nano-hybrid composite shell is pre-shaped and smooth to resist stain; the dentist just needs to press it on with the composite color of choice. The main benefit is COMPONEER provides a cosmetic element to the everyday dentist’s practice. They are easy to place and affordable to patients. What else could you ask for?

    What are the benefits to the patient?

    The benefits to the patient are numerous. Patients would tell me, “I hate my smile.” I’d treatment plan veneers for them and they wouldn’t be able to do them because of cost. Now, I provide both types of veneers for my patients. COMPONEER patients are grateful to have a smile they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. They can also afford to do more than just the front two teeth, which provides them with a more complete smile.

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