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    How to color match with porcelain laminates

    One practitioner explains how he achieved superior color matching in laminate veneers through team treatment.

     A young woman presented to my office for a consultation regarding her maxillary central incisors. She had porcelain veneers in place but was not satisfied with the color. Though she agreed that they looked good, she did not feel that they matched her adjacent teeth.  

    Figure 1 is a facial view of the first veneers in place. In the incisal view (Fig. 2), you can see that the veneers were used to close a central diastema. The reading from Vita Shade Light showed that the lateral incisors were 1M1 on the Vita 3D Shade Guide (Fig. 3).  

    Fig. 1Fig. 2

    Fig. 1                                                    Fig. 2  

    After a discussion with the patient regarding her expectations, I decided to remove her veneers and have new ones fabricated. I chose Peter Kouvaris of New York City to fabricate the new laminates from eMax ceramic based on my previous experience with his shade matching.

    Fig. 3

         Fig. 3


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