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    How to build a cohesive team across locations

    Tips for performing as a single unit.


    5. Suit up

    The right uniform can make all the difference! First and foremost, uniforms keep us safe. In the dental space, that means the right fabrics, cuts and styles to promote adherence to infection control guidelines. But besides being functionally important, uniforms make us feel like members of a team. Having all your locations coordinate scrubs and attire will promote a sense of team spirit, unity and belonging. It can also bolster feelings of pride and responsibility among employees, which tends to reduce turnover and contribute to overall business success.

    6. Create a consistent team culture

    Practice makes perfect, so practicing consistency across locations can help eliminate errors. Are your patients receiving the same care across all practice locations? If one doctor has a last-minute conflict, will someone else be able to cover with the same level of expertise? Consider scheduling off-site continuing education events for team members who are based in different locations but with the same job function. A more cost-effective option: Encourage those same-function employees to view CE webinars followed by an exchange of notes and afterward.

    7. Learn from wins (and losses)

    Every team experiences a loss now and then, but the greatest teams learn from it and make the necessary changes to do better next time. If something is working well at one location, replicate it throughout the practice. Encourage team members to share location-based successes with other locations. The same goes for bouncing back from a missed opportunity. Share those learnings and plans for future success company-wide so you can all improve together.

    8. Use the right tools

    As your practice changes and expands, you may need new tools to connect you across locations. Think about it: every report, every schedule and every patient chart connected and instantly accessible throughout all your practice’s locations. Imagine your team members caring for patients, leveraging technology for better outcomes and successfully implementing operational aspects of your business. Fuse cloud practice management software from Patterson boosts your productivity by taking important functions of your business and making them easier to find, read and use. 

    Dental practices with multiple locations face real challenges when it comes to fostering a team environment, but when you have a plan that encourages and supports a cohesive team, you’ll not only survive those challenges, you’ll come out stronger and more focused.


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