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    How to achieve the final results your patients desire

    Using IPS e.max Press to achieve dramatic yet natural-looking smile transformations.

    Esthetic dentistry can transform people’s appearance and have a resounding impact on their lives by enhancing their smiles with completely natural-looking restorations.

    Achieving esthetic and functional restorative treatments requires comprehensive evaluation, accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment planning for each individual’s case.1

    In addition to selecting the most appropriate restorative option, clinicians must ensure the recognized components of a smile are evaluated and incorporated into treatment planning to create a harmonious foundation for esthetics. By examining the entire smile (i.e., hard and soft tissues, smile line, gingival contours, symmetry, etc.), clinicians can avoid post-treatment complications (i.e., chronic pain, gingival irritation, loss of alveolar bone, unequal gingival contours, etc.) and ensure that treatment produces more than just an attractive smile but one that is also healthy and functional.

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    Additionally, today’s esthetic dentistry aims to achieve an enhanced appearance while simultaneously maintaining as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Fortunately, materials available today (e.g., lithium disilicate) are indicated for a variety of clinical situations while enabling a more conservative approach to treatment. One such material, IPS e.max Press (Ivoclar Vivadent, Amherst, N.Y.), helps to reduce the frustrations and challenges associated with conventional press materials and demonstrates improved durability and exceptional true-to-nature esthetics.2

    This material enables the creation of expressive esthetics, independent of the tooth shade, with minimal preparation. The IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate material can be pressed as thin as 0.3 mm while still ensuring strength of 400 MPa.3 Additionally, the monolithic property of pressed lithium disilicate allows the material to maintain its physical and optical properties.4

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