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    Choosing the right dental laser for your practice

    Now may be the best time ever to invest in a dental laser.


    Precise LTM laser

    Precise LTM

    CAO Group is a manufacturer of high-technology dental products and equipment in West Jordan, Utah. The Precise LTM diode laser system shows CAO Group’s commitment to customer care by providing many ways to engage with the team through free online training videos, phone support and more. Daily challenges of creating homeostasis, taking impressions, working around implants and much more reportedly are made easy with laser technology providing every practice with an easier, faster and better solution for improved patient care. The Precise® diode laser is designed to have something for everyone. The Precise LTM is a workhorse unit that is said to be cost effective at roughly $1.50 per use, which is reportedly among the lowest cost-per-use laser systems on the market. The Precise SHP is compact, convenient and expands procedure menus with its iPod touch precise setting, access to support and tutorials, pre-sterilized tips and 21 presets.

    CAO Group



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