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    Choosing the right dental laser for your practice

    Now may be the best time ever to invest in a dental laser.



    Picasso Laser


    Picasso is designed for both dentist and hygienist in mind. It’s described as simple to use, looks great and is a popular choice around the world. Picasso dental lasers are engineered to provide the ultimate tool for treating soft tissue procedures. From laser gingevectomies, better impressions through laser gingival troughing, safe implant recovery or laser periodontal treatment, Picasso soft tissue lasers are designed to provide the most effective and affordable solution for every dental office.

    Picasso Laser Testimonial

    Eight years ago I took the leap into diode lasers with the Picasso Lite laser. I immediately observed improvements and tissue response was exceptional due to the diode’s cutting effect on less cell depth then electrosurgery, and patients routinely indicated no post-operative discomfort following treatment. The laser energy stimulated tissue response, so sites healed at a more rapid rate without inflammation. This laser has changed how I practice, allowing me to manipulate soft tissue with better, predictable results when modifying for esthetic reasons or needing to expose subgingival decay to restore those areas—Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS.




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