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    Choosing the right dental laser for your practice

    Now may be the best time ever to invest in a dental laser.

    Decades ago, when dental lasers were first introduced, there were a few pioneers using the technology on a regular basis. Many of those early users were the same group of dentists who helped start a push for minimally invasive dentistry. Adoption was slow for a number of reasons. High costs for hard-tissue lasers back in the day scared off many clinicians, while others were concerned by the learning curve and a perceived limited number of indications.

    LaserBut these concerns have all long since been addressed. Today’s lasers are much easier to use and much more affordable, and studies have backed the benefits of using lasers for a growing number of procedures. So take a look in the following pages at some of the lasers available; whether you’re thinking about an all-tissue laser or a soft-tissue model, these lasers offer a variety of costs, sizes and capabilities.

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    Up next: Choose the dental laser that's right for you! 

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