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    A breakthrough in composite restorations

    How BRILLIANT EverGlow can be used to create esthetic and long-lasting tooth-colored restorations.

    As the use of composite has become more commonplace since the 1980s, there has been an evolution from self- to light-cure, high to low wear, etc. The journey to find the ideal tooth-colored direct restorations has been extraordinary. Characteristics like flexural strength, opacity, handling, polishability and esthetics are nuanced and often individually valued.

    Ultimately, a product comes along that makes one say, “Winner!” COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow® fits that description. The material is described by COLTENE as a universal submicron hybrid composite and is applied in 2-mm increments. It also has excellent polishability and strength comparable to 3M’s Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative. Its “Duo Shade” feature aids in excellent esthetics and simplified shading for a chameleon effect with more efficient placement.

    The combination of easy handling, strength and polishability should be a big help to every clinician.

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    Catapult Education engaged 29 of its evaluators to test BRILLIANT EverGlow’s many qualities. This group had some of its own common traits and differences:

    • One-third of the evaluators use the industry leader in composite sales, 3M’s Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative.
    • As typical with most dental offices, more than one composite was used by the majority of the evaluators.

    COLTENE BRILLIANT EverGlowWhat were the important qualities we were looking for in a composite and how did BRILLIANT EverGlow match up?

    • Handling (in terms of sculptability, non- sticky, non-tacky, wax type feel, contouring, etc.) - Almost every evaluator commented on such in one way or the other. Fifty percent of the evaluators thought it was excellent, while almost 40 percent rated handling as good. That diversity of opinion is fairly typical in composite evaluations with individual comments like “ideal,” “too tacky,” “needing a warmer,” or “not needing a warmer.”
    • Polishability was rated even higher than handling with 19 of 28 evaluators rating it as excellent.
    • Opacity/translucency wasn’t evaluated as a group.
    • Overall experience was rated good to excellent by 25 of 28 evaluators.
    • In regard to purchasing the product, 22 of 28 evaluators commented “yes,” which is very high for a composite evaluation.

    The overall impression of BRILLIANT EverGlow by the group is that it’s a very good overall composite. Many of the evaluators found this to be similar to their favorite current composites, which is a high compliment because they’re comparing it to their preferred brands.

    For these reasons, BRILLIANT EverGlow has earned the Catapult Vote of Confidence.

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