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    BISCO launches REVEAL HD Bulk

    The bulk fill composite is designed to improve the quality and timeliness of restorations.

    REVEAL HD Bulk is a light-cured bulk fill composite designed to improve the quality and timeliness of restorations. It's optimized to allow for easier, faster posterior restorations by combining superior levels of handling, placement and depth of cure. The exceptional ease of use is said to allow for simple and convenient placement of the composite in the prep, while the category-leading depth of cure is designed to ensure a solid restoration from the top-down, so clinicians can cure with confidence.

    REVEAL HD BulkBISCO’s HD Filler Technology is engineered to allow REVEAL HD Bulk to improve the predictability and durability of posterior restorations by providing category-leading depth of cure and strength as well as exceptional handling to create a restoration that's quick, easy and high-quality.

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    REVEAL HD Bulk comes in 3g syringes and 0.25g unit-dose tips. It's available in shades A1, A2, A3 and B1.

    For more information, call 800-247-3368 or visit reveal.bisco.com.


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