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    Applying all-in-one MacPractice DDS in your practice

    Government-certified MacPractice DDS all-in-one software is timesaving and productivity-enhancing.

    MacPractice’s ‘all-in-one’ dental software is said to feature best-in-class billing, next-generation charting, digital imaging, EDR, reputation marketing, online patient registration, online scheduling reputation marketing that works, secure messaging, network fax and more.

    Optimal security:

    All your practice’s data and services can be housed from within MacPractice DDS, which is designed to protect your patient’s identity and health information (ePHI) and your practice from hackers, burglars and fines. MacPractice’s native interoperating apps for iPad and online services facilitate patient-entered data, saving patient and staff time.

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    Certified software is better software: 

    MacPractice DDS is ONC-ACB 2014 certified. Certified software is more secure, has a more extensive audit trail (important when you suspect theft), has passed rigorous government regulated testing, and can be used to obtain $63,750 in EHR Incentives.

    Escape from ransomware:

    Every month tens of thousands of Windows users are affected, and practices using Windows discover that they cannot see patients because their data has been encrypted by ransomware and is being held hostage by Russian, Chinese or other government-sponsored hackers. A ransomware event is a HIPAA breach and requires dentists to notify HHS, all patients (in writing) and prominent media. Having to report a breach can result in millions in federal and state fines. Most patients say they will leave a practice that has exposed their data.

    Escape to Mac and MacPractice:

    There has been just one ransomware event ever on Mac OS, which affected a limited number of Mac techies who downloaded software from BitTorrent, until Apple fixed it. No doctor who uses MacPractice has reported a ransomware event.  

    HIPAA ‘safe harbor’:

    Because MacPractice users’ ePHI and their unique password is protected by AES encryption, they can qualify for HIPAA’s ‘safe harbor’ in the event of a breach, and be exempted from HIPAA’s requirement to report to HHS, to their patients,and prominent media.

    Apple OS compatibility:

    MacPractice’s Patient Check In, Clipboard and iEHR for iPad and web apps for iPad and iPhone are iOS 10 compatible, and MacPractice DDS will be compatible in the fourth quarter with macOS Sierra.


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