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    ACTEON North America launches PIEZOTOME CUBE

    Piezotome CUBE can help dentists make their extractions more atraumatic and predictable.

    ACTEON North America introduces the PIEZOTOME™ CUBE, a brand-new ultrasonic bone surgery device that will change the way dentists think about atraumatic extractions. One of the most common procedures dentists perform is tooth extractions. Although they're a common procedure, they can present some unique challenges for general dentists and specialists alike.

    Piezotome CubePiezotome CUBE can help dentists make their extractions more atraumatic and predictable. The high frequency, ultrasonic vibrations of the CUBE are engineered to only disrupt the PDL and bone and will not damage soft tissue, so it's very effective even with ankylosed teeth. This eliminates having to cut a surgical flap in the gingiva preserving the periosteum. The extremely thin extraction tips are designed to preserve more bone, even the thinnest of bone in the buccal area, to facilitate immediate implant placement. Lastly, patients are said to experience reduced pain, swelling and trauma post operatively.

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    With the Dynamic Power System Inside (DPSI), PIEZOTOME™ CUBE is said to boast the highest cutting power of any ultrasonic bone surgery device on the market with 30 percent more power than previous devices, making procedures very fast. The touchscreen makes power selection simple with the CUBE as well. Lastly, the CUBE is a versatile device that can also perform sinus elevations, ridge splitting, bone block grafting and crown lengthening.

    For more information, visit https://www.acteongroup.com/us/my-products/equipment/surgery/piezotome-r-cube.


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