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    9 questions to ask about EHR

    Should your practice enter the world of EHR? You should consider these things before you take the plunge.



    7. “Will the system improve patient education?” 

    You’ll also want to check and see how user-friendly the system is in regards to patient education. Ideally, EHRs should help increase your case acceptance by improving the patient’s clinical experience and helping them understand treatment options. 

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    “Previous to EHRs, you’d typically print out something for the patient to take home,” Uretz says. “EHRs will recognize details in the patient’s care while they’re in the chair, and with the push of a button, it’ll bring up an image or a video. If you have a tablet or a screen in front of the patient, you can show them in real time what you’re talking about. That’s powerful in helping the patient understand the procedure and agree that it’s necessary. If they don’t understand it, they’re not going to accept those cases. Some systems actually push patient education information to the portal as well. That allows you to interact more with the patient.” 

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