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    9 questions to ask about EHR

    Should your practice enter the world of EHR? You should consider these things before you take the plunge.



    5. “What impact will the system have on clinical decision support?” 

    “Through informatics efforts, there is a growing amount of information regarding oral health best practices,” Uretz says. “Suggested ways of handling cases comes out of clinical evidence and research. An EHR can give you information based on research on how you might handle the problem.

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    "The benefit of that is that no dentist or hygienist can keep up with all of the research being done, so having a tool that can offer clinical decision-making support helps providers make intelligent decisions about their patients based on evidence and information in the database. Providers aren’t required to follow guidelines presented, but it is helpful to have evidence-based information at your fingertips while you are making decisions.” 

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