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    9 questions to ask about EHR

    Should your practice enter the world of EHR? You should consider these things before you take the plunge.



    4. “Will this system simplify accountable care?” 

    “If you talk to dental insurance companies, you’ll find out they are moving toward accountable care, which has already been embraced in medicine,” Uretz says. “The idea of adding diagnosis codes along with procedure codes is essential to an accountable care model and is on the near horizon in dentistry. As the sheer volume of codes grows, it will be virtually impossible to manage without the use of electronic health records.

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    On the other hand, Dr. Lavine doesn’t think accountable care necessitates EHRs. 

    “Most dentists are using e-claims already, where the software can check for the validity of the claim right away and determine whether support documentation is needed,” he says. 

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