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    8 of the weirdest dental emergencies ever

    Dental emergencies are never any fun — but sometimes, they are really, really bizarre.


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    1: Root canal to remember 

    You may have already seen the movie, but these events actually happened to one poor Brit known as William. William walked into the dentists for a routine root canal back in 2005 and came out unable to hold on to memories for more than 90 minutes.

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    From that day till today, he always wakes up every morning believing it’s the day of his 2005 dental appointment. While an entire legion of psychiatrists, neurologists, and other experts have studied his case, no one can figure out what happened. His family provides him with an updated list of facts every morning and an online diary to help Will maintain some sense of normalcy, but he’s often surprised at how things have developed over the decade. And even after more than 10 years, the last thing Will remembers is getting into the dentist’s chair and being pumped full of local anesthetic. 

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    There you have it: Eight of the weirdest dental based emergencies you will ever come across. And with more and more issues cropping up, you can bet that it will get a whole lot weirder. But one thing’s for sure, most of the emergencies above could have been avoided by regular brushing of teeth and routine visits to the dentist’s office. As for the last few emergencies, let’s just say it helps when a dentist is also licensed, certified and qualified for the job.


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