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    8 of the weirdest dental emergencies ever

    Dental emergencies are never any fun — but sometimes, they are really, really bizarre.



    7: Got maggots?

    This one’s for all the parents who neglect taking their kids to the dentist’s office early on. It all started when a small boy started rubbing his now-swelling mouth painfully. After his parents noticed, they enquired and realized that their son was having dental issues. Having never been to the dentist’s, the boy was actually excited about his very first trip to a real tooth fairy. Well, you wouldn’t believe what the good doctor found in there. Looking inside, the dentist found a whole bunch of maggots hiding inside the boy’s swollen gums. You can bet that both the parents and the boy got some essential dental hygiene tips that day. 

    More maggot nightmares: Loose crown plays host to an unexpected visitor


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