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    8 of the weirdest dental emergencies ever

    Dental emergencies are never any fun — but sometimes, they are really, really bizarre.



    8: Garden in the mouth

    Here’s one emergency that is weird enough to make it in the Guinness book of records. You’d think that a mouth is the absolute last place that a plant would sprout, but I’ve got a room full of dentists who would disagree. One patient rushes to the dentist’s complaining of a toothache and discomfort.

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    The dentist’s orders for a root canal and starts the procedure immediately. However, no one was ready for what they found while cleaning the root and gums. Amongst the usual plaque and tartar, the dentists found some seeds lodged deep in the gums with what looked to be some tiny plants growing out of the cavity. Upon questioning the patient, turns out it was tomato seeds that were actually sprouting. 


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