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    8 ways to make insurance less of a pain

    Insurance can be frustrating for any practice, but these tips can put you and your patients at ease.


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    5. Support organized dentistry

    It’s also important to support dental organizations like the ADA and AGD, Dr. Kennedy says.

    “In Massachusetts, there has been a lot of conversation around certain insurance companies in our state,” she says. “I think supporting organized dentistry (either local, state or national components) as a profession is an important way to make sure that dentists and patients are being represented in the legislation.”

    “There is no other large voice out there,” she adds. “Insurance companies have lobbyists. The ADA and AGD are there for the same purpose. When people want to effect change but are not part of a large organization, it’s a harder task. When you have a large body advocating on your behalf, your concerns will get more attention, as opposed to trying to knock down doors on your own.”

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