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    8 ways to make insurance less of a pain

    Insurance can be frustrating for any practice, but these tips can put you and your patients at ease.


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    2. Understand coding

    “The problem that I see in offices is that they don’t understand coding,” DiGangi says. “They don’t know the difference between coding, fees and coverage, and those are separate but related entities.”

    “Every company has 30, 40 or 50 different policies that they offer,” says David Rice, DDS. “Knowing which procedure codes a given policy works with and which ones they don’t, and which ones you can bundle together as opposed to which ones you can’t, is really important. With some policies, you can come in and get an exam and I can take X-rays, but I’m not allowed to take other types of X-rays with it. But if you literally came back tomorrow, I could take those X-rays and they would be covered. So, having a coding expert is really important.”

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    “They should have a copy of the current code set,” says Teresa Duncan, dental insurance educator and host of the “Nobody Told Me That!” podcast, which focuses on managing issues in the dental office. “A lot of people depend on the practice management software having the codes, but it often doesn’t have the full code descriptor. They need a book that has the full description of the code in it, so they can make sure their doctors are doing exactly what is in the code and that it matches the best. We’re supposed to do the procedure and then see if there’s a code that accurately describes it, not find a code and then only do what’s in that procedure code description.”

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