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    8 candies that make dental professionals scream

    'Tis the season of candy, candy and more candy—much to dental professionals' dismay. Here are the worst-of-the-worst treats for dental health.




    Despite what the commercials may tell you, Snickers introduces a lot more problems than it solves. The only vice for chocoholics on our list, a full-size Snickers bar, packed with sticky caramel and nougat, and sugary chocolate, has 27 grams of sugar. Think a fun-size bar won’t be too terrible? Think again: the tiny version of the treat still has 8.5 grams of sugar. Add in some tooth-cracking peanuts (specially designed to pop orthodontic brackets off of teeth!) and you’re bound to run into dental problems.

    Not to mention, a single Snickers bar has 266 calories, 37 percent of which come from fat. So give your teeth—and your waistline—a break, and satisfy your hunger with something else.


    All nutritional information in this article was taken from the manufacturers' websites.


    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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