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    7 tips to save children's teeth on Halloween

    It's the time of year when candy is lurking around every corner, but recommending these steps to parents can help protect their kids' oral health.

    Let’s face it, Halloween can be a parent's — and dental professional's — nightmare! But if there’s anyone who frets more than parents when the jack-o'-lanterns come out, it’s the dental team.

    Halloween candyAs a dentist with a focus on nutrition, my work is to help parents feed their kids for strong, healthy and straight teeth. When the holiday period comes around, I see a lot of distressed moms and dads.

    Parents and kids all know that sugar harms teeth. Halloween is just one day of the year where we're surrounded by even more sugar than usual.

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    Treats here and there won’t put kids’ teeth at risk if they eat a diet for healthy teeth. But long-term sugar and sweets intake will. Parents need to remember (and oftentimes need reminders from dental professionals!) that their children’s diet all year is the biggest factor for their oral health.

    To help minimize damage — and protect your young patients' smiles — here are seven survival tips to share with parents for Halloween.

    Click through the slides to see the tips that could help your patients.



    Dr. Steven Lin
    Dr. Steven Lin, author of “The Dental Diet,” is a board-accredited dentist, passionate health educator and TEDx speaker. As the world’s ...


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