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    7 common questions about dental EHR

    What you need to know about electronic health records in the face of their growing popularity.


    Does EHR help with medications?

    It’s becoming more standard in EHRs to use ePrescribing. Basically, all the prescriptions a patient is given—no matter what the source—go through a clearinghouse to the pharmacy, and in turn these lists can be shared almost in real time when the patient’s chart is opened. The system can automatically check for any interactions with prescriptions that you are contemplating and update the overall med list with your Rx. Some vendors are even adding functionality to check for patient compliance.

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    How can EHR make the referral process more efficient?

    The referral process is becoming more electronic, and you can refer a patient out from within the electronic chart. This sends an electronic message to the referral, along with information they may need from the patient’s chart. As interoperability and health information exchange (HIE) becomes more standard, this information would go right into the EHR system of the provider you are referring to. These HIEs are big routing networks through which information from various systems, general providers and specialists passes. Standards are being adopted by EHR systems to facilitate this.

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    How will EHR support more efficient patient education?

    This is a perfect application of EHR technology. It should be possible to, based on a diagnosis and treatment, have the system automatically present patient education materials (videos, images, etc.) to the patient during the encounter. In addition to presenting this information at the point of care, the system should be able to print these materials out upon check out.

    Web portals are becoming more popular, where the patient can log into a browser and receive patient education materials that have been specifically loaded into their account. This is especially helpful when a patient forgets the patient education they have been presented. Patients will have the capability to, at any time, review the patient education that was prescribed to them

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