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    6 stories that prove the dental industry is the weirdest

    It’s a weird, weird world out there but these tales prove that the dental world might be one of the weirdest.



    The strangest dental crimes in the United States

    Sometimes, people make mistakes. Sometimes, people get caught and arrested for those mistakes. And sometimes, those people are dentists.

    We searched the country for the most bizarre, hilarious, disgusting, unbelievable and absurd stories of dental and tooth-related crimes. The results are astounding: From dentists having armed standoffs with law enforcement, to misbehaving tooth fairies, to wrestling matches with patients, our 50 states are chockfull of toothy crime stories that will make you cringe, laugh and leave you dumbfounded.

    There were a plethora of stories to choose from, but for this compilation, we tried to steer clear of the really bad apples and keep it PG. So, while some of these stories are sure to shock, we’ve avoided coverage of the really horrid stuff and have instead focused on the weird and wacky.

    So, check out the action in your state, or click through them all. Dive on in, and get ready: It’s going to be a wild ride. 

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    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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