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    5 considerations for personal protective equipment

    Wearing personal protective equipment is crucial, but if you’re not using it correctly, you could be doing more harm than good.


    Donning PPE

    Donning and doffing PPE

    Actually wearing the PPE is, of course, important, but the order in which PPE is put on (and then taken off) is just as important.

    “The sequence really does need to be followed, and if you don’t, you’re going to be introducing areas of cross-contamination into your donning and doffing,” Dr. Fluent says.

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    The proper order in which PPE you should be put on is:

    1. Hand hygiene
    2. Gown
    3. Mask
    4. Eyewear
    5. Gloves

     Removing PPE is nearly the same in reverse, but not quite. The proper sequence is:

    1. Gloves
    2. Eyewear
    3. Gown
    4. Mask
    5. Hand hygiene

    “Hand hygiene is always the first thing that you do and it’s always the last thing that you do, so your hands are fresh and clean before and after PPE donning and removal,” Dr. Fluent explains.


    Robert Elsenpeter
    Robert Elsenpeter is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics. He is also the author ...


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