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    The 5 biggest benefits of digital impressions

    Implementing a digital scanner in your dental practice may be a wise investment.

    Digital scanners offer many benefits that aren’t possible with traditional impression techniques, from time savings to patient education and accuracy to the ease of storing electronic data. Combine the benefits with the fact that the learning curve is small, and it’s clear that implementing a digital scanner in the dental practice is a “no brainer,” says Adam Hodges, DMD, a general dentist in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Cover“It’s not a hard transition for the dentist,” he says. “The digital impressioning wand is similar to taking a picture with an intraoral camera or using a handpiece. The mechanics of moving the scanner to capture the data is actually very familiar to a lot of dentists. That transition isn’t typically hard because it’s something familiar. That’s a huge benefit. I had a half-day of training, and I’ve only become more efficient in taking digital impressions.”

    Click through the slides to find out the five biggest benefits of switching to digital impressions.



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