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    The 2017 innovator profiles

    How these dental companies are pushing dentistry forward—and helping dentists, dental teams and patients along the way.


    “ ... the [positive] impact on a patient’s life may be indescribable.”

    Whip Mix logoQ: Why is innovation in sleep dentistry so important to Whip Mix?

    A: As you know, Whip Mix has been a leader in occlusion products and airway is a natural extension of occlusion. As dentists focus on occlusal harmony and healthy tissue, they also address scalloped tongues, undersized palates and facial structure. Checking tonsil size and mallampati scores adds seconds to their screening time, and yet the [positive] impact on a patient’s life may be indescribable.

    Q: What sleep innovations are you most proud of in the last few years?

    A: For some dentists, screening for sleep apnea is overwhelming, and the threat of being held liable for a medical condition causes great concern. Whip Mix brings products to dentists that work within their comfort zone. For dentists who would like to provide home sleep tests from the dental office, we offer the Nox T3 system. It provides 14 channels of objective data, including bruxism, body position and airflow, all used to identify the apnea-hypopnea index. The data from this system is reviewable by medical physicians to sync the patient’s treatment plan. 

    Lorena lighthart Clinical Product Manager Whip MixLorena Lighthart, Clinical Product Manager, Whip MixFor dentists who would prefer to screen for airway issues, we recommend our wellness line of products. This includes the GEM and GEMPro systems. By tracking oxygen saturation and heart rate, one is easily able to allow patients to test and titrate sleep appliances from home. Add bruxism, body position and audio to pulse oximetry, and one is able to plan appropriate restorations and determine if single arch occlusal guards impact airway.

    Q: What needs were you hearing in the industry that led you to develop these products?

    A: When it came to airway, it seemed dentists were relying heavily on subjective data. The screening questionnaires that patients supplied relied somewhat on what a bed partner heard or if the patient thought they snored. Sleep appliances were titrated to an estimated location and then were positioned based on how the patient felt they were sleeping. This led medical physicians to distrust the use of sleep appliances by dentists because if they were not titrated correctly, the patient’s AHI did not improve. Bringing objective data into the dental office allowed dentists to know the patient’s airway condition and validate the effectiveness of the sleep appliance. Now, they are able to know the numbers and be confident in the treatment.

    Q: Why do you think Whip Mix has such a good reputation among end users?

    A: The people. The employees at Whip Mix value relationships and become excited when they are able to help someone meet a specific need. Whip Mix is a family-run business and, from the top down, we work together to provide quality products, training and services for our customers. 

    Q: What is Whip Mix’s approach to support? How can a clinician be sure they will be satisfied with their partnership with you?

    A: Support is key to all we do. Customers are not just a name to us. We are continually working to provide webinars and ebooks, update our how-to videos and improve our product instructions. Our sales team spends a large amount of time attending educational programs so that they can work side by side with our customers and learn together.  

    Q: What innovations can dental professionals expect from Whip Mix in the coming months and years?

    A: From baby boomers growing older to millennial moms, dental needs are changing. As the dental airway connection grows, more and more children will be tested for airway-related issues requiring the need for pediatric accessories and disposable finger probes. Our new Asiga 3D printers are an exciting addition to our line—for that we have developed our own line of resins for printing models, splints, surgical guides and custom impression trays. We’re also looking at a 3D-printed oral appliance for the treatment of airway.  

    Featured Brands

    Nox T3 systemNox T3

    Following the medical model of diagnosing, temporary treatment, checking effectiveness, and retesting, Whip Mix brings to you a complete system for diagnosing bruxism and airway for patients that may result in sleep apnea referrals or dual arch oral appliances.

    The complete system includes:

    • Easy to use, comfortable home monitoring system that measures 14 different channels including Masseter, Airflow, Effort, Pulse Rate and Audio
    • Registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) on staff that offers training, reads, reports and a network of sleep apnea physician referrals in every state
    • Dual arch transitional oral appliance designed to protect the teeth, stabilize the mandible, reduce bruxism and maintain the airway

    GEMPro systemGEMPro

    The GEMPro was designed from the ground up to assist the dentist in managing patients with complaints of snoring and who show signs of damaged teeth as a result of clenching and grinding during sleep. The GEMPro screening system provides a quick and easy way to compare oxygen saturation levels during  bruxing activity. The data is then instantly emailed to the doctor without the patient leaving home.

    • Bruxism – Measures the type, frequency, strength and total masseter energy expenditure
    • Audio – Record snoring and tooth sounds from clenching and grinding
    • Heart Rate– Documents changes in heart rate during sleep, including Brady and Tachycardia
    • Oxygen Desaturation – Proprietary oxygen analysis provides essential information about breathing while asleep
    • Body Position – Provides information on the impact of body position on the quality of sleep

    The GEM sleep systemThe GEM

    The GEM is an easy to use Pulse Oximeter that utilizes cloud technology for convenient and prompt readings. The GEM is designed to assess the functioning of the airway using SPO2 and variations in heart rate to measure how well the airway is functioning. The Oximeter measures the blood oxygen level and heart rate then transmits the data to the Galaxy Tablet for storage and processing.

    Designed for Dentists

    • Screening patients for potential airway obstruction before treatment
    • Titrate sleep appliances on-line, reducing number of office visits
    • Oxygen Desaturation: Proprietary oxygen analysis provides essential information about breathing while asleep
    • Heart Rate: Documents changes in heart rate during sleep

    For more information: Whip Mix  |  800-626-5651  |  www.whipmix.com


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