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    The 2017 innovator profiles

    How these dental companies are pushing dentistry forward—and helping dentists, dental teams and patients along the way.


    “We must continue to evolve and find ways to efficiently solve existing challenges ...”

    Dentrix logoQ: Why does Dentrix think innovation is important?

    A: John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” The dental industry, like others, has experienced a tremendous amount of change, especially in recent years. Advancements in technology, new federal and state regulations, and shifts in patient expectations are just a few of the many fluctuations taking place.  In order to partner with our customers to better serve their patients, we must continue to evolve and find ways to efficiently solve existing challenges and meet future needs.  

    Q: What innovations are you most proud of in the past few years?

    A: Over the last several years, we have had a number of advancements that have both helped our customers in new ways as well as set a precedent in the industry. I would like to give just three examples of those innovations.

    First and foremost, our Practice Advisor and Daily Huddle reports have transformed the way practitioners and staff focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) to help them run a more profitable business. This, coupled with our coaching service, has helped practitioners see an average increase in cash flow of $8,000 or more per month. 

    Brad Royer Product Manager Dentrix and eServicesBrad Royer, Product Manager, Dentrix and eServicesSecondly, we launched our partner program and marketplace. By opening up Dentrix as a platform for other applications to connect, offices have the ability to pick and choose software they feel will best complement the Dentrix system to further enhance their business operations. By choosing products that have the “Dentrix Connected Logo,” the office can feel confident the product has been tested with Dentrix for optimal performance. Also, as top software and hardware vendors have integrated with Dentrix, valuable data from multiple sources is now available to practitioners—all in one, easy-to-use location.

    In addition to these, we have also instituted the Dentrix Mastery Tracks program. This helps staff confirm and demonstrate that they are efficient and knowledgeable in their use of Dentrix. Imagine practice owners being able to require on a job application that applicants be Dentrix specialists to ensure they are hiring the most skilled professionals to help run their practice. In addition, these courses, tests and certificates can be used as advancement paths for the staff looking to learn more about the product and positions in the practice.

    Q: How do you feel Dentrix has pushed the industry forward?

    A: The word “innovate” means to change the established methods of doing things through new ideas, products or services. When Dentrix initially released, paper charting was the established method of tracking patient information, billing, etc. There were a few systems on the market at the time, but they were DOS-based products. Dentrix chose to use the up-and-coming Microsoft Windows as its operating system of choice to create the first interactive charting system. That was a revolutionary, new concept! We look back now and can’t fathom how anybody survived without a fully functioning electronic dental record. Dentrix was an integral part in that shift and continues to be.

    Since that time, Dentrix has continued to push the envelope through new services and products. From our electronic solutions like eClaims and attachments to our profitability coaching program to our Dentrix partner programs, we are constantly looking for ways to help our practitioners successfully run their practices. Most recently, we changed the paradigm for intraoral scanners and practice management systems by embedding the workflow of that digital impression and lab prescription directly into Dentrix. This showcases not only the power of integration, but the power of Dentrix Connected partners working together with us to improve dentistry. As we unify the operation of these systems, which until now have acted independent of each other, we are helping the clinician and their staff to be more efficient and provide better patient care.

    Q: How is Dentrix different than other offerings on the market? Why should a customer choose Dentrix over other options?

    A: Apart from being the most used system in the market, we are also part of the Henry Schein family. That ensures stability and provides an assurance we will be here for many years to come. Most importantly, our ultimate goal is to partner with our practitioners to run the business so they can focus their time on the patient. We are the only solution that has all the tools directly built into the product, which can be bundled with support for a low monthly price (http://www.dentrix.com/suites/comparison). Aside from our built-in business and clinical tools, Dentrix is also the only practice management vendor that supports a vibrant community of over 270 partner products that integrate with Dentrix in a standardized way. Our Dentrix Connected program assures practices that their third party solutions will work smoothly with their practice management system.

    Q: What is Dentrix’s approach to support? How can a clinician be sure they will be satisfied with their partnership with you? 

    A: Our approach to support is threefold. We call them the three “C’s.” We must, with each interaction, be caring, competent and have good character. In other words, our customers must know that we care about them and their success above our own, we must be knowledgeable to either directly assist customers with their inquiries or quickly get them to another person that can, and we must have integrity and ensure we do what we say we will do. 

    Q: What innovations can dental professionals expect from Dentrix in the coming months and years?

    A: We are excited to announce that we will quickly be going beta with our new online booking product. In addition, we will be further embedding the workflow of disparate systems like we did for intraoral scanners and finding new partners to continue to provide more efficient solutions for our practitioners. Our customers can visit our website to keep apprised of what is coming and what has just been released (http://www.dentrix.com/products/dentrix/whats-new). 

    Q: Why do you think Dentrix has such a good reputation among end users?

    A: We constantly and consistently deliver service and solutions that help them run a better business. We are committed to further innovate and push the envelope on what is possible. This assurance and commitment is really what sets us apart with our end users.

    For more information: DENTRIX  |  800-336-8749  |  www.dentrix.com


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