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    10 ways to make a great impression

    It’s critical to patient outcomes to have an accurate impression. Here’s what you need to know about both digital impression systems and traditional methods.


    3. Pick a material and stick with it.

    3M Imprint 43Ms Imprint 4 VPS impression material is formulated to help optimize the impression procedure with innovative chemistry that lets dentists save time and get accurate results.Dr. Caron believes you should choose a material, become a master of it and then stick with it. "You don't want to change the material each time one comes out and have a new learning curve every six months," he says. "I need to know how that material is going to flow in my syringe. When you stick to something, and you get success, you do not want to change; you don't want better than that. New material is not what's going to be the secret. It's going to be how you work and how you control your tissue."

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    John Aguirre, regional product line manager for Carestream Dental's CS Solutions CAD/CAM portfolio, agrees. He believes that every person is unique and has their tricks for getting the results he or she wants from impressions. Whether using a digital scanner, polyvinyl or alginate, honing your skills for what works best for you is essential to capturing a good impression. "It's really old school, but people took impressions with alginate no problem because they'd honed their technique so well, they could just make it work," Aguirre says.


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