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    9 important tips for communicating with your patients

    Communication is key in practice success.

    Where did doctors and team members learn to communicate? Certainly not in school!

    Most have used the old-fashioned trial-and-error method, or see it as a work in progress. Some have attended some type of continuing education throughout their career and picked up a few tips here and there, and there are an elite few that have taken an invested interest to learn how to be an effective communicator.

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    Patient care is based on communication and to succeed as a practice everyone must take an invested interested in being a better communicator. Without clear communication, the patient can misunderstand or not understand the treatment process. This creates errors, additional visits for care which affect the ROI of the procedure (costing the practice money instead of making it money!) or failure to accept elective or necessary treatment.

    Ultimately, understanding how to effectively communicate with patients and even your team members can make or break any practice.

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    Hollie Bryant
    Hollie Bryant is a passionate speaker, writer, coach and off-site team member for many practices across the United States. Hollie has ...


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