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    10 easy ways to get CE credit

    Getting CE credit doesn't have to be a headache with these great, unexpected sources of CE.

    Once a dentist graduates dental school, he or she might expect to throw the mortarboard into the air, slaps a shingle on an office door and never have to crack open another book. Well, not exactly.

    BooksDepending on which state in which they are licensed and practice, doctors need a certain number of continuing education (CE) hours. The hours are usually to be completed within a one, two or three year period and can range from 15 to 72 hours. (North Dakota is a little different, however – they require 100 hours every five years).

    Topics include requirements (from CPR to infection control) and electives (like implants or composites). It really depends on the state and its requirements. (The description for each state’s requirements can be found at: www.mydentalce.com/collections/dental-ce-requirement-by-state).

    And it isn’t just dentists that have to keep up on their CE hours – dental assistants and hygienists have to stay current as well. But beyond going to a boring classroom and sitting through a couple weekend-long seminars, dental professionals can find their CE credit in some unconventional – possibly even fun and free – sources.

    We talked to members of the Dental Products Report editorial board about some great, unexpected sources of CE.

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    Robert Elsenpeter
    Robert Elsenpeter is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics. He is also the author ...


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