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Bench Mastery: Improved ceramic veneer restoration [VIDEO]

Value is key in imitating the natural tooth to achieve a lifelike result. In esthetic anterior restorations, the dental technician is ideally involved right from the beginning—even more so, if a diagnostic wax-up, or mock-up, is required to visualize the treatment outcome. However, some situations in everyday practice may make it impossible for the dental technician to be part of the treatment at an early stage and such a case is described in the report below.

Innovator Profile: Custom Automated Prosthetics

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with CAP CEO Rob Nazzal and President Bob Cohen about the newest developments at CAP. 

Renowned dental technician Willi Geller visits Ivoclar Vivadent

During a recent one-day informal visit, renowned dental technician and ceramics innovator Willi Geller met with representatives from Ivoclar Vivadent AG at the company's headquarters in Leichtenstein.

Legacy Labs: Brabant Dental Lab

It’s all in the family at Brabant Dental Laboratory—the family of employees, that is.

The lab, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has changed hands just twice in that time, and in both instances ownership was passed to dedicated employees.

The Sacramento-based lab was founded in 1937 by Joseph Brabant, a denture technician who expanded the business into one of the first full-service laboratories in northern California.

Husband seeks a tooth tattoo despite wife's hesitation

As a follow up to an article from last month about tooth tattoos, we'd like to share a recent submission to an advice column in the York Daily Record.