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Smile Capture now available for Android devices

Smile Capture is a set of accessories designed to allow dental professionals to couple the Smile Lite and their smartphone to produce professional and high quality pictures and video.

Bench Mastery: Improved ceramic veneer restoration [VIDEO]

Value is key in imitating the natural tooth to achieve a lifelike result. In esthetic anterior restorations, the dental technician is ideally involved right from the beginning—even more so, if a diagnostic wax-up, or mock-up, is required to visualize the treatment outcome. However, some situations in everyday practice may make it impossible for the dental technician to be part of the treatment at an early stage and such a case is described in the report below.

Where to learn how to better your dental digital photography [VIDEO]

Want to learn how to take better dental digital images? You can get some top-of-the-line guidance from Dr. Martin Goldstein during this year’s DenMat Destination Education Event.

Top 10 tips for before and after dental photographs

Featuring before and after photographs on your dental practice website, especially if you offer cosmetic dental care procedures, is extremely important to attract new patients. Your website not only allows patients to schedule appointments, submit questions and acts as a referral program, it also shows off the dental work you have done.

Research shows that there are 11 million Internet searches for dentists within a given month.