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How to ensure a successful bond with Futurabond DC

One of the most important aspects in the success of a restoration is the bond between the tooth and the restoration. There are many luting agents currently on the market with differing formats of adhesion and techniques for use.

Product Review: Kerr Corp.'s OptiBond XTR

One clinician’s view on Kerr Corporation’s OptiBond XTR universal adhesive.

Review: Why Catapult Group evaluators would convert to Bisco's DUO-LINK

Is DUO-LINK different enough in the adhesive cement market to convert them to users? The overwhelming response was yes and the key was the handling.

DPR’s guide for successful light curing practices

3M ESPE scientist Joe Oxman recently was interviewed by DPR Editor in Chief Stan Goff and shared his vast knowledge on curing lights, dental materials and technology.

Top 10 most-viewed new dental materials of 2013

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest.

These dental material launches are recognized for having the most views online.

How to simplify composite decisions [VIDEO]

The first resin-based light cured dental composites were introduced in the 1970s. Since that time significant advancements have been realized in resin and filler technology, and today more than 70 different brands of composite exist on the market.

What dentists are saying about the healing capacity of Bisco’s TheraCal LC [VIDEO]

We talk with Dr. Paul Child, executive vice president of Bisco, about TheraCal LC, how it’s changing the materials market and what dentists are saying about the product.

DPR Exclusive Materials Survey: Your guide to the latest in dental materials

There are many great dental restorative products and impression materials available, and DPR’s latest survey indicates most of you are very satisfied with the choices.

The tricky part, however, comes when trying to decide when or if to switch materials and which materials will deliver on their promises and allow you to continue producing long-lasting restorations that will keep your patients smiling.

How to know if you’re using the right curing light

Not only do you need to understand how the various restorative materials handle and how they work for different procedures, it’s also key to stay on top of what curing lights work best with what material and exactly what it takes to ensure you get the best results.

How to perform easy, predictable Class II procedures with DENTSPLY Caulk's Class II solution

You want your Class II restorations to last. You want predictable results and durable restorations both you and your patients can feel good about.