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Hourly and annual salary numbers for dental laboratory technicians

Whether the millions of people who sit in a dentists’ chair each year know it or not, dental technicians are a key part of the workflow that gets restorations into their mouths. There are over 100,000 dentists in the United States—and yet, all of those implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and more come from only 35,320 dental technicians.

Stratasys: A next-level lab solution

The secret to dental lab survival in the next decade: go digital! For a dental lab to survive in today’s market, you need to expand your reach. Win new customers. Open fresh markets. In short: You need to go digital.

Bench Mastery: Improved ceramic veneer restoration [VIDEO]

Value is key in imitating the natural tooth to achieve a lifelike result. In esthetic anterior restorations, the dental technician is ideally involved right from the beginning—even more so, if a diagnostic wax-up, or mock-up, is required to visualize the treatment outcome. However, some situations in everyday practice may make it impossible for the dental technician to be part of the treatment at an early stage and such a case is described in the report below.

Webinar: Learn the real value of 3D printing in the dental lab

Being able to quickly print out models, surgical guides, anatomical models, partial denture frameworks and more, can save you valuable time and money.

How to make abutment placement a snap with ATLANTIS Abutment Core File [VIDEO]

In 2012, DENTSPLY Implants unveiled the ATLANTIS™ Abutment Core File solution, which provided a perfect digital edition of an ATLANTIS patient-specific Abutment to the lab designing the full case. ATLANTIS Abutment Core File solution to an even wider group of scanner users, as the system now works with 3Shape scanners and has undergone updates to fit comfortably in a fully digitized workflow.

Finding a partner to help your lab reach its potential [VIDEO]

Want your lab to move forward and reach new heights of success? ETI Digital Technology wants to help.

How to achieve the ultimate bond with CAD/CAM blocks

Help your dentists choose a cement that will deliver optimum bonding to the CAD/CAM restorations your lab creates.

10 questions with Primotec's Chris Urist

Check out this behind-the-scenes Q&A with Chris Urist, vice president of Primotec USA.

Modern Dental Laboratory USA selected for “World’s Greatest!...” TV series

How2Media, the producers of TV show “World’s Greatest!..”, have announced they have recently selected Modern Dental Laboratory USA to be part of the popular television series.

NobelClinician Software allows for greater collaboration between the lab, dentist [VIDEO]

NobelClinician Software is the next generation software for digital diagnostics and treatment planning that allows for thorough collaborative work on cases.

Jeffrey Kesting, Senior Product Specialist at NobelClincian Software, explains all of the software features in the featured product video below.