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4 ways to enhance cosmetic dentistry opportunities

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever. If you’re a general practitioner looking to add cosmetic dentistry or increase you cosmetic dentistry services, consider our tips.

The top new trends in cosmetic dentistry

Maybe you want to increase your cosmetic cases, but you’re not sure what the added area will look like in practice. This e-book, sponsored by Invisalign, will help guide your expectations.

The latest and greatest trends in cosmetic dentistry

The past decade has been a remarkable time for cosmetic dentistry. The profession has advanced on several fronts, including exciting new materials and technologies.

What 101 dental practices told us about their perspectives on in-office whitening

We recently asked 101 dental practices around the country about whitening. We wanted to know if it was offered and what were some of the obstacles to patients accepting it.

Technique: How to cooperatively fix a failed cosmetic case
Technique: How to cooperatively fix a failed cosmetic caseA dentist and a lab technician show how to work together to repair a previously failed case.