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Top 10 most-viewed new dental materials of 2013

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest.

These dental material launches are recognized for having the most views online.

Great polish, sculpting ability and esthetics help NANOCERAM composite stand out [VIDEO]

Kevin Henry, group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media, talks to Chase Wade, director of operations for EXACTA Dental, about the company and its NANOCERAM composite.

How to predictably place anterior dental restorations

Discover how Ivoclar Vivadent’s OptraSculpt Pad modeling instrument makes composite placement less time-consuming and more efficient.

SDI announces Riva Self Cure starter kits

BPA and HEMA-free, Riva Self Cure by SDI is a self-curing, chemically adhering, tooth remineralizing glass ionomer restorative material.  It is said to be a durable dentin replacement, as well as have very high fluoride releasing and recharging abilities. 

Composite Roundup: The basics of bulk fill

DPR’s March composite round-up focuses on ground-breaking bulk fills.

REVIEW: Venus Bulk Fill provides the ideal restoration components

Dr. Andrew Shannon reviews his use of Venus Bulk Fill.

REVIEW: Why SureFil SDR flow is a game-changing product

SureFil SDR flow has been a game changer in the placement of Class I and II posterior composites. Research shows that the proximal box is the area where the negative effects of polymerization shrinkage are most significant.

REVIEW: A full-circle look at Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill from the doctor to the market

Learn why Dr. Michael R. Sesemann says he'll never go back to other composites after using Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill. Plus, get industry insight on the product from Chet Spivey, Director of Marketing at Ivoclar Vivadent.

10 questions with Primotec's Chris Urist

Check out this behind-the-scenes Q&A with Chris Urist, vice president of Primotec USA.

How to: Achieve ceramic esthetics with a nano-hybrid composite

Since its debut, more than 37 million crowns and veneers have been fabricated with the IPS Empress pressed ceramic system. As a result, the IPS Empress all-ceramic brand has become synonymous with the highest level of esthetics for mimicking natural teeth. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to restore the optical properties of natural teeth using one shade of composite and achieve similar results.