4 benefits of using gingival inflammation code D4346Using this code can enhance your patient care as well as boost your practice's bottom line.
What 2018 means for insurance coding
What 2018 means for insurance codingWhat you need to know, what you can ignore and how to keep from getting into trouble.
8 ways to make insurance less of a painInsurance can be frustrating for any practice, but these tips can put you and your patients at ease.
5 important facts about new code D4346 for a fresh start in 2017
5 important facts about new code D4346 for a fresh start in 2017Here are five important facts you need to know about the new code.
Top 10 DPR web articles of 2016DPR presents a list of the top 10 most popular articles from 2016.
5 thought-provoking questions hygienists asked Kara RDH this NovemberKara RDH shares some of the questions dental hygienists asked her recently and then provides helpful and encouraging answers.
American Dental Association Code Maintenance Committee Approves Code for Use When Requesting Reimbursement DEXIS CariVu ImagesDEXIS, LLC, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, reports that the American Dental Association (ADA) meeting notes include reference to a code for caries detection, which is appropriate for use when requesting insurance reimbursement for images taken with DEXIS CariVu™.
A game changer: 2017 will bring a new CDT code for gingivitisFor all of the history of Current Dental Terminology (CDT) coding, there have been no truly accurate codes that can be used for the treatment this patient needs. In 2017, that story will change. Yet, we must guard against misuse of this new code and not miss the disease present
The latest fee data for 18 popular procedure codes
The latest fee data for 18 popular procedure codesKeeping your fee schedules up-to-date is imperative to keeping your practice healthy. There are many important factors to take into account including geography, your patients, how you practice and data from other practices in your area. However, quality data on fees in your zip code can be challenging to find—so Sikka Software did the work for you.
A look ahead to what dental codes will change and affect your practice in 2016 and beyondNo one has their finger on the pulse of coding changes that will affect your practice more than Teresa Duncan. She stops by to tell us what tweaks have been made that will affect your business.