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A next-generation practice management system
A next-generation practice management systemWhy Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein Oneā„¢ is the solution for the future of dentistry.
What you need to consider about cloud-based software vendors
What you need to consider about cloud-based software vendorsCloud-based software models are becoming more and more popular, but there are some important questions to ask before making the switch.
Achieving accessibility with DentiMax Cloud
Achieving accessibility with DentiMax CloudWhy one dentist made the switch to cloud practice management software and how it has benefited his practice.
Integrating Dentrix Ascend into your practice
Integrating Dentrix Ascend into your practiceThe software is designed to move practice management to the cloud.
How to ensure your email is HIPAA compliant
How to ensure your email is HIPAA compliantThis month, in part two of a two-part series, Dr. Shuman continues his conversation with Robert McDermott, president and CEO of iCoreConnect, on the topic of HIPAA compliance and electronic protected health information (ePHI). This column provides greater depth on the required safeguards for HIPAA-compliant management of ePHI, as well as the relative security of cloud-based systems for the dental office.
The Cloud is here... but some software vendors refuse to change
The Cloud is here... but some software vendors refuse to changeWhile dental practices are embracing The Cloud, some software vendors aren't open to making the change.
MEA|NEA announces launch of FastVaults, new HIPAA-compliant data storage solution for dental practices

MEA|NEA (National Electronic Attachment), provider of the FastAttach electronic claim attachment solution has launched its new HIPAA-compliant document and data storage solution, FastVaults. FastVaults is a cloud-based solution allowing for the remote storage of patient health data and other information pertinent to a dental practice’s operation, growth and success.

LabStar's new, secure cloud-computing solution

Recently, more and more labs have been switching to cloud-based management software. One of the options availble for labs is LabStar. We recently spoke with Jeffrey Noles, CEO of LabStar, about his company's innovations, why labs should turn to the cloud and how lab owners can be assured of online security.

Top 4 reasons to store your data in the cloud

1. Access from anywhere—even home!

Our (Evident) customers rave about the ease of access. A typical response is “you mean I can work from home?” It’s the access from anywhere that grabs the attention of dental lab owners and their administration and sales staff.

2. Instant support

Top 3 things to store in the cloud

Not sure how to use the cloud to benefit your practice? Check out these 3 tips.