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How to prepare a strong, reliable temporary

The old saying that “no chain is stronger than its weakest link” is certainly true in dentistry. When working with crown and bridge, one of the primary complaints from dentists to dental technicians is that “the occlusion was high and it took a long time to adjust it clinically.”1 The restorative process for an indirect restoration includes many steps that, when not carefully executed, can contribute to this problem. 

How to achieve a perfect crown and bridge fit with Quad-Tray Xtreme [VIDEO]

In this technique video, Drs. Len Boksman and Brad Carson demonstrate how to achieve a perfect fit using the Quad-Tray Xtreme to ensure a proper fit for crowns and bridges.

How to achieve a perfect fit for crowns and bridges

Current laboratory surveys and past data collected indicate that between 70-80 percent of the cases received are for single-unit crown and bridge prostheses.

Tunnel Vision™ and TrueCal™ added to Clinician’s Choice’s expanding roster of endodontic products

Clinician’s Choice has added to new products – Tunnel Vision and TrueCal – to its ever-expanding line of endodontic products for general dentists and endodontic specialists.

Catch up with the week's latest product announcements - June 21, 2013

Tunnel Vision™ and TrueCal™ endodontic products

Tunnel Vision and TrueCal endodontic products

Get caught up with the week’s newest dental product launches – May 10th, 2013

From orthodontic brushes to tooth desensitizer and milling burs, DPR’s weekly product roundup hosts a bunch of new products that you may have missed.

Anterior Quad-Tray X2 by Clinician’s Choice provides highly accurate impressions and restorations

Like the rigid metal Quad-Tray before it, Clinician’s Choice’s Anterior Quad-Tray X2 provides highly accurate dual arch impressions and restorations that need little chair-side adjustment.

REVIEW: Tray distortion eliminated with Quad-Tray Xtreme, Affinity InFlex and Light Body

It’s great to have variety; it’s what makes every new day different from the last and every impression uniquely challenging. Let’s face it, we have many challenges in performing our job and taking impressions is certainly one of them. Because everyone practices differently it is nice to have options to make our tasks easier whenever possible. Impression taking is one of the more challenging tasks but the people at Clinician’s Choice are doing their best to make it easier.

How to use technology to create the perfect impression

Want more accurate impressions? Clinician’s Choice HeatWave thermoplastic moldable impression tray system provides an accurate fit, right out of the box.

Clinician's Choice hosts 2013 Las Vegas Dental Conference

To further advance their commitment to teaching better dentistry, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE will host a 3-day conference, April 4-6, 2013, at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas Dental Conference brings together 3 of today’s leading lecturers and skilled clinicians in the areas of esthetic, restorative, and endodontic dentistry, including Dr. Robert Margeas, Dr. David Newkirk, and Dr. Gary Glassman.