5 steps to a pain-free dental careerThese essential steps can be invaluable to preventing pain and ensuring career longevity.
Permanent struggles for a temporary hygienist
Permanent struggles for a temporary hygienistEvery hygienist has to start somewhere, right?
Does your boss appreciate you?
Does your boss appreciate you?Small tokens of appreciation throughout the year can help you feel valued in your dental career.
Do you really want THAT dental job?
Do you really want THAT dental job?Taking the first job that comes along can be tempting—but is it really the right move?
11 things RDHs should do after graduationGraduation is just the beginning of your career, so follow these tips to help ensure success along the way.
7 tips to make your dental hygienist resume stand out
7 tips to make your dental hygienist resume stand outTo get hired as a dental hygienist, you need to show the world what makes you different. So how can you ensure your resume rises above the rest?
3 ways that dental assistants can grow in their careers

I am by no means a gardener. Never have been. Never will be. I’m the guy you wouldn’t leave a cactus with while you went out of town for a week-long vacation because it would somehow be dead when you got back home. I have no green thumb. It’s more like the black thumb of death when it comes to plants.

Dental assistants, you have the power!

I’ve just finished my first day of speaking to an amazing group of dental assistants at the Western Regional Dental Convention in Phoenix.

Techs at Becker Dental Laboratory having a ball with healthier seating

Back pain is the last thing anyone working at a lab bench wants to put up with every day. That’s why ceramist Shawn Holmes of Becker Dental Laboratory in Herculaneum, Mo., looked into exercises and new seating in an effort to combat his lower back pain.

What he found was a two-for-one solution in stability balls. Now that he has swapped his traditional dental lab chairs for these stability “exercise” balls, Holmes’ back pain has gone away and he’s feeling better and stronger while at work.

Have you considered becoming a Dental Therapist?

Supervising a non-profit, dental clinic in Minneapolis, Minn., Jamee Rosell has witnessed the overwhelming need for dental care among poor, uninsured, unemployed, elderly, immigrant and other underserved populations.