CAD/CAM outsourcing

Increasing FDA involvement in CAD/CAM dental restorations
Increasing FDA involvement in CAD/CAM dental restorationsOutsourcing manufacturing has led to increased regulatory oversight, but most labs might already be FDA compliant.
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10 Questions: A Q&A with Craig Rodriguez, VP of Marketing for DENTSPLY Implants North America

01. Astra Tech was recently acquired by DENTSPLY. How has that impacted the company?

Laser-melted layers

BEGO’s new CAD/CAM production center takes open scanner STL files to produce Selective Laser Melting (SLM) non-precious CoCr copings and bridges (single units to long span bridges), CAD/cast noble and high noble vacuum/pressure castings, or BeCe Waxup resin crown and bridges. SLM, a form of rapid-prototyping or Stereolithography that uses laser technology to melt alloy powder into thin layers, is used in all BEGO production centers. The layers are melted together to create homogeneous copings and bridges.

Something for everyone

You probably can’t do everything all by yourself, and you might not want to even if you could. The good news is there are plenty of outsource laboratories—right here in the U.S.—willing and able to help you. Some can help with everything, while others specialize in helping with certain case types or with manufacturing all, or just part, of the restorations you need.

Nothing’s finished

It’s not uncommon for a lab with a complete in-house CAD/CAM system to open up excess capacity as an outsource option for other labs. That can be a way to maximize return on the technology investment, but it doesn’t make the lab into a milling center.

Creating a milling center in the truest sense of concept means building a business dedicated to providing dental labs with access to CAD/CAM produced parts that can then be finished into restorations ready for the prescribing dentist to place into the patient’s mouth.