CAD/CAM Connection

Step-by-step with Sirona inLab: Great detail work with one workflow [VIDEO]

Completing a 7-unit lower anterior bridge using CAD/CAM scanning equipment requires a variety of detailed steps. Fortunately, today’s modern CAD/CAM systems, such as Sirona’s inLab system, can help speed up and simplify scanning, designing and milling.

Go beyond CAD/CAM with ATLANTIS™ from DENSTPLY Implants

Incorporating ATLANTIS patient-specific prosthetic solutions is an easy way to add a new, premium prosthetic dimension to the solution offerings of both dental laboratories and their referring practices.

3Shape: Nearly 1000 reasons to trust model-free crowns

It was like a movie: The upstart son passionately fights with his father over the family business needing to take the technological leap. And true to the script, the son’s vision and hardheadedness eventually earns the grudging respect and admiration of the father. And in this real-life case, it’s a happy ending as the move alters the fortunes of the family business.

Stratasys: A next-level lab solution

The secret to dental lab survival in the next decade: go digital! For a dental lab to survive in today’s market, you need to expand your reach. Win new customers. Open fresh markets. In short: You need to go digital.

Straumann's plan to bring patient-specific care to every lab [VIDEO]

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), there are more than 30 million Americans that are missing all their teeth in one or both of their jaws. In a rapidly growing market where fully edentulous patients are actively seeking out new treatment options online, the demand for implant-supported rehabilitation is at an all-time high. How will you support referring clinicians while maintaining the predictable, reliable and esthetic outcomes expected of you?

How Amann Girrbach America's Ceramill line offers labs options

Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill desktop CAD/CAM system includes industry-leading scanners, design software, milling units, furnaces and materials. To give Ceramill its power to help laboratories make more, Amann Girrbach built the system on a set of core principles that go beyond the pursuit of the latest technology and features.

Bench Mastery: Long-term temporary with CAD/CAM

As any technician can attest, technology is ever-changing and quickly rewriting the way we fabricate our dental restorations. This includes provisionals, which is what we will discuss in this particular case study.

One investment to save time, money and stress

The Lab
Image of Jeff BaldonJ&B Dental Studios is a dental lab in the Madison, Wisc., area that’s been operating since 1995. Initially a two-man lab, J&B now has four people on staff. The lab began as a traditional PFM, crown-and-bridge operation, but has since expanded to zirconia solutions in addition to traditional restorations, along with some implant work. The lab is owned by Jeff Bald, and his son Aaron is the lead CAD/CAM technician who has helped oversee the lab’s transition to a digital workflow.

Innovator Profile: Amann Girrbach America

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with Ramon Flores, Senior Product Specialist at Amann Girrbach America, about their start-to-finish workflow.

3M is bringing new technological innovations to its True Definition Scanner [VIDEO]

As more dental professionals adopt digital scanning, user experience is more important than ever. With that in mind, 3M Digital Oral Care has announced technological transformations to the 3M True Definition Scanner.